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Welcome back! As GunZ enters its 7th year for international players, the player count needs some improvement. Players with nostalgia are coming back to enjoy the game once again and with the hopes to help rejuvenate the playerbase. Those wishing to play again should check out the AeriaGames merger information, as ijji has been acquired by the company. There will be a full transfer this month (April 2012) or May.

Nothing should be lost due to the transfer. If anything abnormal happens, be sure to notify Aeria customer support via their website.

-  zh.  terranwolf

Custom Crosshairs

Right-click to save these images. Place them in your /CUSTOM/crosshair folder in the GunZ install path.

  • KGunZ Beta (shown in trailer)
  • Terranwolf's own custom crosshair, used when clan warring in [Twilight].

Competitive Configuration

by Sol/Archetype - [GZF]
Copy this over the VIDEO block of your config.xml, found in the GunZ install path.
Default install is





You can also visit the archive of the IGunZ via this link.
It still works in theory, but the servers for International Edition have long been retired.

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