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26 Sep 2012

I'm away in Chicago for studies for the next few years with exception of Thanksgiving through the New Year, as well as Easter. Although my gaming time has been cut short, I want to mention FTL: Faster Than Light. It is a great indie game that you all need to check out! If not now, be sure to buy it when it's on sale!

17 Aug 2012

I've watched the CSGO beta for many months now. The game has steadily improved from the onslaught of feedback by the core community. Next week, Global Offensive goes live as a released game! Not late to the party, PlagueFest has been hard at work getting Zombie Mod stable. The most important issue at this point in time is Knockback -- or lack of thereof. Soon as they implement their own knockback feature, I hope to see more classic-style servers up and running. Better were the days of relying on shotguns, sparing ammo, and quick aim! That's my opinion -- of course you knew that!

21 Apr 2012

We have closed the GMOD server to give more headroom to the TF2 server. Our [physical] server is getting outdated and can't handle too many processes without disruptions. We have an i7 (or Xenon) upgrade planned within a year from now, which will also give us the Cstrike servers back! Woohoo!

16 Feb 2012

Did you know still retains its GunZ: The Duel section?

Check it out!

- news posted by zh.terranwolf

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