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12 Dec 2012

Happy 12-12-12 everyone!

Card battle games are on the rise for mobile devices. Square-Enix's game, Guardian Cross, is one of the best.

Currently, they are holding a recruitment campaign to get a head start for anyone interested in playing.By acquiring 4 and 5-star cards, you can get top ranks in the weekly tournaments. They are very hard to obtain without spending lots of money, so this is a great advantage to you.Click [S-E] Guardian Cross to obtain the game (or just search on your device). Be sure to enter in the promo code QF59743 when initially prompted to sign up to get the super-rare promo card.

Have fun!

28 Nov 2012

Hi everyone! I'm planning on releasing all vector and raster work I have been doing whilst working on pinball machines in our collection. With the lack of enough quality that my eye desires for slot cards (instructions and information), I had chosen to make many of them myself. Among them are Twilight Zone and Indiana Jones. Sometime after the server upgrade, the site will be loaded full of nice prints that will be available for free download.

I hope you will enjoy them!

26 Nov 2012

I should have enough money to spend on the long-awaited server rebuild. Planned is an ivy bridge cpu, tons of RAIDed storage, and 16-32GB RAM. That's a big upgrade, considering the site is run on a first-gen dual-core athlon X2 cpu.

Features newly available after the upgrade include: a large, modded minecraft server, a terraria server, tf2 server with more integration, a fully-working GMOD server; privatized web streaming, python server scripting projects, and eventual indie game server development testing for use in Chicago.

Can't wait to get to work on the upgrade.

15 Nov 2012

Dusting off my League of Legends account! If anyone hasn't played yet, now is a great time to get started. It would be super helpful if anyone out there who plans on playing could use my link to sign up. No smurfs though please.

- news posted by zh.terranwolf

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